When this generation of 3 Series is finally replaced, it’s going to make way for an all-electric 3er, based on the Neue Klasse chassis. However, that’s not for another few years, which means the G20 3 Series is going to require a bit of an extension. According to this new post from Bimmerpost, this current-gen 3er is going to end production in 2027, which would give it an eight year life cycle, which is about two years longer than a typical BMW’s. So keep it fresh during its latter years, the G20 is going to get a second refresh, albeit a milder one.

This second refresh is reportedly bringing some interesting features. The main changes are to the engines. Starting on 2025 models, the 3 Series will have its engine switched to the TÜ engines used in most markets. That means a 7 horsepower bump for B48 models and a 7 horsepower loss for the B58. That drop in power is likely due to emissions regulations but it won’t do much, if anything at all, in terms of performance.

There will be some other changes, too. Inside, there are said to be some material updates, as well as new trims, and even glass-effect knobs, like you’ll find on cars like the 7 Series and XM. It seems as though BMW might try to just through everything at the 3 Series before letting it ride off into the sunset.

As for exterior changes, don’t expect much. This will be a very mild refresh, just to add some new things to keep customers happy while they wait a bit longer for the new model. However, there’s said to be one new addition coming for model year 2025—the Iconic Glow kidney grille. So far, only top-dollar BMW models have had the Iconic Glow grille, such as the 7 Series, X7, XM, and X6. However, this would be the first time it’s offered on a normal BMW model. And why not at this point? Mercedes offers an illuminated three-pointed start logo on most of its cars, so why can’t BMW compete?

This generation of 3 Series is excellent and its even better after the LCI facelift. Will a second facelift make it even better? That’s yet to be seen, obviously. However, it will keep the 3er fresh while we await the next-generation electric model. BMW needs an electric 3 Series desperately, so as sad as we are to watch the G20 go, we’re excited for the future.

[Source: Bimmerpost]