BMW recently gave the 3 Series in both sedan and wagon body styles a Life Cycle Impulse. Typically, a facelifted model is sold for another three years or so before the next-gen model arrives, but that won’t be the case with the G20 and G21 as the duo will have an unusually long life cycle. At the end of May, we reported about how the Mercedes C-Class competitor would remain in production until later in 2027.

New intel from the same BMW insider ynguldyn from the Bimmer Post forums reveals the EOP has been moved forward to February of the same year. Before that happens, the 3 Series will receive updated engines in March 2024. A few months later, specifically in July, some minor design tweaks will be implemented to keep the 3er fresh for its prolonged life cycle, especially since the LCI introduced this year has been discreet.

The revised styling will coincide with the introduction of an optional illuminated front grille and tweaked engines for the US-spec model to meet tougher regulations. Further down the line, all diesel engines available on cars sold in the European Union will reportedly be made greener to comply with the stricter Euro 7 from November 2025.

As far as the M versions are concerned, the M3 Sedan G80 will bow out in June 2027, with the M3 Touring G81 to follow suit in October of the same year. Let’s keep in mind spy shots have been showing a hotter M3 Sedan, which is believed to be the CS scheduled to be produced between March 2023 and February 2024. It’s said to come exclusively with xDrive, 540 horsepower, bucket seats, new M-exclusive headlights, and a generous array of carbon fiber bits.

As usual, take these dates with the proverbial pinch of salt, but it’s becoming increasingly likely the 3er will stick around for a while. If the info is correct, the G20 will be sold alongside the similarly sized Neue Klasse-based EV arriving in 2025.

Source: ynguldyn / BimmerPost