During the Shanghai Auto Show last month, we spoke with BMW M’s head of sales and marketing Timo Resch, who told us that more colors were coming to the BMW M2 within the next year or so. According to Resch, “maybe within these new colors, customers and fans might find some iconic colors as well.” Now, BMW just announced that two new color options are on the way for the M2, however, we’re still going to have to wait for some of those iconic colors, as the two new ones are Frozen Pure Grey and Frozen Portimao Blue.

Frozen Pure Grey is one of BMW’s newer colors, offered on cars like the new 7 Series, i7, and X7. It’s a pretty simple matte grey but it looks modern, sporty, and youthful, so it will attract wealthy millennial buyers. Of all the cars it’s now offered on, it might actually work best on the BMW M2. It needs an edgy color, as softy colors like Zandvoort Blue don’t seem to work well for it.

BMW X6 M in Frozen Pure Grey

While Frozen Portimao Blue is one of BMW’s more famous modern colors and has been around for a few years. We’ve seen it on everything from M cars to the BMW i4. It’s a popular color for a reason, as it looks damn good. Regular Portimao Blue is the perfect shade of blue for most BMWs, so giving it matte Frozen option makes it even cooler. We already know it looks good on the M2, as we saw a spy photo of an M2 wearing that very paint.

Both of those Frozen colors aren’t only being added to the M2, though. All standard 2 Series and 3 Series models will be getting the same two colors, which gives some pretty pedestrian models exciting new options.

BMW M2 spied in Frozen Portimao Blue

There’s no word on pricing just yet but most BMW’s charge $5,000 for the Frozen Pure Grey paint option. Admittedly, most cars that offer it are very expensive, so that kind of money for a paint job isn’t outrageous. But on cars like the 2 Series and 3 Series, that might be a bit too steep for customers.

More colors are also on the way for the BMW M2. We were promised some iconic colors, so we’re likely going to get some. And why not? The BMW M2 is the last of its kind, it needs a proper send out. Until then, though, these two Frozen colors are the only two new ones we’re getting and they’ll be available come July 2023.