Every year, BMW brings a fleet of purpose-built vehicles to Fulda in Germany where the RETTmobil takes place. It’s an annual event dedicated to emergency medicine and rescue services that has been held since 2001, except in 2020 and 2021 as it had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Its popularity has grown over the years and will continue to be held in Fulda until at least the end of the decade. This year, it took place between May 10 and 12.

For 2023, BMW brought a fleet of crossovers serving different purposes. For example, this latest-generation X1 in the xDrive20d specification was modified to become a fire command vehicle. In addition, there was a fully electric iX1 xDrive30 customized to fulfill the duties of a rescue service vehicle. Moreover, an X3 xDrive30d was showcased as an emergency medical service vehicle alongside a camouflaged X5 xDrive45e with a portable blue light system.

While all these cars were displayed at the automaker’s booth, there were several other BMWs exhibited by Hänsch and Haberl Electronic. The former attended the RETTmobil 2023 with an iX showcar as an emergency doctor vehicle while the latter brought an X3 suitable for a fire department. Originally introduced at last year’s Essen Motor Show, AC Schnitzer’s i4 M50 part of the “Tune It! Safe!” initiative made an appearance as well.

It wasn’t all about four-wheeled vehicles as BMW Motorrad brought its F 850 GS motorcycle tailored to police officers. It was displayed together with the CE 04 P, an electric scooter to be used within cities by law enforcement.

One specialty vehicle we’re curious to see will premiere near the end of the year. We’re talking about the 7 Series Protection, an armored version of the fullsize luxury sedan. It’s getting an electric i7 sibling, with the official reveal confirmed to take place in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Source: BMW