The 13th installment of the Knysna Simola Hillclimb, a thrilling exhibition of motorsport, took take place from May 4 to May 7 in the charming Garden Route town of Knysna, South Africa. BMW Group South Africa fielded cars in the hillclimb’s Classic Car and King of the Hill events, including the new G87 BMW M2, the XM and past icons. The South African branch of BMW celebrates 50 years in 2023. Ahead of the hillclimb, both the new M2 and the XM joined the track for some racing activities.

Full Stack of M Performance Parts on the M2

The G87 BMW M2, which participated in the Hillclimb, featured M Performance Parts and the familiar livery from previous events. The M Performance Parts utilized on this M2 comprised of a carbon fiber front splitter, air intake trim, side skirt attachments, side spats, exterior mirror caps, rear lip spoiler, rear diffuser, and an extensive rear spoiler. The South African M2 even featured the M Performance exhaust with its unique pipes layout.

On the other hand, the BMW XM was stock, not there are any M Performance Parts for it. The 653 horsepower Power SUV was painted in Toronto Red with a black trim which made for an interesting contrast. The BMW drivers exhibited exceptional driving skills, resulting in Class Final finishes in both the Road-Going and Super Car category. Rob Gearing drove the rear-wheel-drive manual BMW M2 to secure a spot. Another journalist who drove the largest vehicle of the weekend, won the EV A8 class with the hybrid BMW XM.

Additionally, BMW Group South Africa entered several of its significant locally developed vehicles. Test engineer and dynamics specialist Bradleigh Boshoff showcased the rare BMW 530 MLE. Meanwhile, the BMW 333i, fondly known as the “Triple Three” among enthusiasts, was driven by Rob Gearing, the BMW Group South Africa General Manager of Customer Support and team manager. The Triple Three, restored to a pristine condition, was a sight to behold and captivated the audience.

On a scorching race day, the Winfield BMW 745i, steered by Neil Botha, was another fan favorite. Additionally, the Group N BMW 325iS, a former race car, was in superb condition, driven by classic car collector and restorer Oliver Broome. [Photos: BMW South Africa]