Without question, the E39-generation BMW M5 is the most beloved of all M5 models. Its near-perfect exterior styling, thunderclap V8, and superb chassis balance make it beloved even two decades later. That reverence makes it incredibly valuable, with nice examples often fetching six figures. However, could this extremely low-mileage E39 M5, with a unique color scheme, truly be worth $299,990?

This specific 2003 E39 M5 comes from Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG), who is known for selling some of the finest classic Bimmers in the world. People from all over the country buy their classic Bimmers from the Ohio-based EAG because of their quality. We’ve had a long relationship with EAG and its late founder Eric Keller and are big fans of their work. But $300,000 for an E39 M5? That’s a tough pill to swallow.

Admittedly, this E39 M5 is basically new. It only has 746 original miles, which is barely past the engine break-in period. And since it was given the full EAG-treatment, you know there isn’t a single dry-rotted bushing, gasket, or piece of plastic on the entire car. It’s about as perfect as you’re going to get and probably better than it was when it was new because, knowing EAG, it’s also likely had a paint correction done. You don’t get a time capsule E39 M5 like this one for cheap, that’s for damn sure.

Photo | Enthusiast Auto Group

This one also comes in an interesting color combo. Its exterior is painted in Imola Red, a rare but fantastic color for an E39 M5. It’s rare to see one that isn’t white, black, or gray. Sometimes, there will be a blue one that pops up but Imola Red is truly special and looks killer on the simplistic M5.

Inside is where it gets a bit funkier, though. This car has an Imola Red and black two-tone interior that’s unique and likely a bit polarizing. Most of the cabin is black but the seat inserts and parts of the door panels are red, which looks cool but could get tiring after awhile, as it’s a bit much. Of course, the leather is perfect and looks as though not a single butt has ever graced its seats.

Does all of that really make it worth more than the combination of a BMW M4 CSL and an X7 M60i? What about a Porsche 911 GT3 and a 760i?  You could have an absolute two-car dream garage for the cost of this one E39 M5. Yes, it’s an awesome car but is it really a $300,000 driving experience, as perfect of a time capsule as it is? I’m not so sure. What I am sure of, though, is that someone will buy it because EAG’s reputation, and this car’s quality, will attract a customer with pockets like Mariana’s Trench.

[Source: EAG]