Classic Mini EV conversions are becoming more and more popular, especially in the UK. It makes sense, as the classic Mini is the perfect car  for an EV swap. It’s incredibly light, so it needs neither a large battery, nor powerful electric motor, and it’s a relatively inexpensive car to convert. There are a few companies that are doing classic Mini EV swaps but Electrogenic is now offering a plug-and-play kit conversion kit.

This kit truly is plug-and-play, as it requires no changes to the car’s structure. The preassembled kit includes the electric motor, a 20 kWh battery, a single-speed gearbox, and all of the requisite electronics all packaged into one unit. That unit is connected to a replacement front subframe. So all that needs to be done is to remove the existing engine and transaxle gearbox, drop the front subframe, and replace all of that with the Electrogenic kit. Then it just needs to be wired to the dashboard and pedals. Charging is done through a Type 2 charging port that’s built into a replacement grille that’s included with the kit.

The new electric motor makes 60 bhp and 100 lb-ft of torque, which is about as much as you’ll get from a twin-port-injected A-series Mini Cooper. However, because its torque curve is nearly flat, it’s going to feel punchier and quicker than the original classic Mini. While its range is rated for 80 miles of city traffic, where regenerative braking will play a big factor, that figure will likely drop on longer, twistier roads where you’re using more of its power. However, Electrogenic will offer an additional battery pack, which goes in the trunk, to extend the range but that isn’t available yet, nor are its specs.

What’s great about this kit is that it’s reversible. So if you use it and then decide a few years later to switch back to internal combustion, you absolutely can. That might ease the minds of curious enthusiasts that aren’t sure if they’ll love electrification. However, it isn’t exactly cheap. At £15,000 ($18,966), it’s almost as much as another classic Mini, albeit a pretty beat up one. So if you do swap back, you’re going to be out quite a bit of money.

This could be the perfect solution of classic Mini enthusiasts that live in many European cities where internal combustion vehicles are taxed higher, such as London. Owners could have their classic Mini fun without emitting any more pollutants into the air, while also avoiding extra taxes.

[Source: Autocar]