Wagons usually go by unnoticed, but that’s certainly not the case here. For starters, we’re dealing with a BMW M3 Touring, which is arguably one of the most exciting models this segment has ever had. With 510 horsepower, 650 Newton-meters of torque, an eight-speed quick-shifting gearbox, and a performance-tuned xDrive system, the G81 is far from being your typical grocery-getter.

It also happens to have a love/hate kidney grille and a polarizing dual-screen infotainment layout, not to mention an exorbitant price tag (for a wagon) and a vast array of M Performance Parts. This M3 Touring doesn’t have any of the optional MPP upgrades that give the Bavarian estate an ultra-aggressive appearance, but the car has something else we’d reckon is just as special – an Individual paint.

BMW M3 Touring / Adam Price (priceywithspice)

Codenamed L38, Fame Green II is one of the many fancy finishes available for the Audi RS4 Avant competitor. It’s an alternative to more famous (pun intended) shades such as Isle of Man Green, Signal Green, Verde Mantis, Mint Green, or Java Green. It’s certainly a bold choice for the  M3 where it’s contrasted by the black roof and wheels while the side mirror caps are in carbon fiber.

It’s not every day we see a green car with gold calipers for the carbon ceramic brakes but that’s the privilege of being able to shop in the luxury segment where automakers offer a plethora of customization options. The M3 Touring may only come as a Competition model with an automatic gearbox and AWD, but it makes up for that with many extras available at additional cost.

BMW could spice things up a bit with a limited-run CS, judging by a prototype recently spotted testing at the Nürburgring. A production version depends on whether there is available production capacity at the factory in Munich. If approved, it’s likely to be offered with special paints in the same vein as the M3 CS Sedan, which coincidentally can be had in the aforementioned Signal Green.

Source: Andrew.Barker.BMW / Instagram, Adam Price (priceywithspice) / Instagram, dicklovettbmw / Instagram