As with pretty much every new BMW, the G87 M2 has its fair share of design controversy. This new M2 is probably the most normal looking new BMW release in years, so we should probably stop complaining or BMW will go back to making cars look like Sid the Sloth. However, the M2 is admittedly a bit awkward looking, so it could use a little sprucing up and giving a car the proper stance can do wonders for its look and feel. Precision Sport Industries (PSI) proves that by giving the new BMW M2 a setting its stance right and it looks much better.

PSI provides different spacer setups for M2 owners with different suspension setups. If you’re running stock suspension and wheels, PSI recommends 15mm spacers at the rear and 12mm spacers at the front, which helps the wheels and tires sit flush to the fenders, without rubbing. It’s a small upgrade that makes a big visual difference, as the wheels no longer look sunken into the fenders. With this spacer setup, the M2 still looks like it should have from the factory but doesn’t look aftermarket.

To make the car look even more aggressive, though admittedly less factory-looking, PSI fitted it with a set of AST adjustable coil springs. They fit on the stock strut and shock, but simply replacing the pressed-on spring perch with an adjustable one and using AST’s springs. With that kit on, the BMW M2 retains its adjustable dampers, it just get an adjustable ride height and hopefully improved handling. With the adjustable lowering springs, PSI recommends running bigger spacers—18mm at the rear and 15mm at the front. That makes it look much more aggressive than the stock car.

However, the M2 looked a bit odd that lower, with its spacers, running stock wheels. So PSI put it on a set of Titan 7 T-S5. They’re larger wheels, sitting at 20 inches, which helps to fill the wheel arches out more and give it a better stance. The M2 comes stock with 19 inch wheels at the front and 20s out back, but the 19s up front just look a bit odd once the suspension is lowered. So the new wheels definitely improve the look. Also, personal note, it looks so much better with silver wheels, rather than the stock black ones.

If you own a new BMW M2, have one on order, or are planning on getting one, check this video out for an idea of what you might want to do to it to improve its look.