We hear a lot of driving superlatives thrown around about the E30 M3. After all, it was originally a racing car that was then homologated for street use. However, we don’t often see too many driven on track, especially at the Nurburgring, probably because they’re so valuable now that owners don’t want to risk damaging them. Which is why I appreciate this video from Misha Charoudin, in which his business partner and owner of Apex, Robert Mitchell, drives his E30 M3 on the Nurburgring.

The video is mostly an update for loyal followers of Charoudin’s channel (of which there are many) but it does let you see a gorgeously maintained E30 M3 on the most iconic German racetrack.

Michell’s M3 is a stunner. It’s in fantastic condition and it was repainted in a beautiful blue, after having originally been Misano Red. While Misano Red is a beloved E30 M3 color, and the most famous, I actually really like it in blue. It looks more mature and brings out the beauty of its design more. Plus, it’s a nice change of pace. So while Mitchell is debating on repainting it back to red, I hope it stays blue. Aside from its color also a numbers-matching E30 M3 Evo II, which means it’s among the best driving Bimmers ever.

Being an Evo II, Mitchell’s E30 makes about 220 horsepower from its 2.3-liter 16-valve naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. It also has an upgraded air intake, which sounds better, and lighter flywheel, so it feels zingier. There are also some visual and weight loss upgrades, such as slightly modified exterior aero, thinner glass, lighter weight bumpers, and a new spoiler. All of which just makes it that little bit better to drive than the already excellent O.G. E30 M3.

Mitchell doesn’t flog the M3 in this video, but he does rev it out and you get to hear its peppy four-pot racing engine sing. It’s a lovely engine in a lovely car and one I think all of us wish would could drive on the ‘Ring. Unfortunately, they’re so damn expensive now, so few of us will ever get the chance to do so. Which is why we’re thankful to people like Mitchell who not only drive theirs on track but do so often. Cars like the E30 M3 need to be driven and driven hard, instead of being kept in climate controlled garages. So I tip my hat to you, sir.