This third-generation BMW 7 Series had certainly seen better days before stopping by professional car detailer Auto Finesse to receive the pampering it desperately needed. An automatic model in the right-hand-drive specification, the E38 was showing visible signs of neglect as evidenced by the mold on the headliner.

Right from the start you can tell it’s not completely stock since it rides on a custom set of 20-inch MK Motorsport wheels and appears to boast air suspension for a lower stance at the press of a button. We’re also not big fans of the roof-mounted spoiler but to each his own. The ALPINA add-on spoiler is a nice touch and it looks as though the interior has been upgraded with bits and pieces from upper-spec E38s.

Add-ons aside, the 7er was in dire need to have its paint refreshed, and thankfully, Auto Finesse came to its rescue. They also thoroughly cleaned the engine bay, polished the taillights, and got rid of the stickers mounted at the top and bottom of the rear windshield. Cleaning the leather interior and its icky headliner was a time-consuming process but it was well worth the effort.

While the car still isn’t perfect, it does look great given its venerable age and the fact it’s been modified throughout the years. As to what we’d change, we would have the front and rear seats match again while removing the large AC Schnitzer badge on the passenger side of the dashboard. The M-branded alloy pedal set is not our cup of tea either.

The video is a good reminder that some designs have aged beautifully as even though the E39 was phased out 20 years ago, it remains as desirable as ever. Time will tell whether two decades from now, we’ll say the same thing about the G70 on sale today.

Source: AutoFinesse / YouTube