I think I’m like a lot of enthusiasts in that I genuinely like wrenching on my car, so long as it’s in a no-stress, no-pressure environment, on my own time. What I mean by that is, I don’t need to rely on the car I’m working on and can fix it at my own pace. Essentially, I like working on project cars. However, like most enthusiasts, I have neither the time, nor the budget to dedicate to a separate project car. Which is why videos like these are so satisfying, because you can watch someone who has both the time and budget to fix up cool old cars the right way, with the right parts.

In this latest video from M539 Restorations, we get to see this E39 BMW 530i Touring get quite the overall and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch. More specifically, it gets my favorite work done—suspension.

Replacing suspension components is my favorite part of modding cars. Not only is it relatively straightforward—car suspensions are made up of large parts, with large bolts, that aren’t overly complicated—but it also makes a massive difference to the way the car feels. Even just replacing the suspension components with OEM, or OE replacement, parts can make a monumental difference for an older, tired car. That’s exactly what happens in this video.

The E39 530i Touring in this video gets a complete suspension refresh and it’s the sort of thing that makes my brain happy. Just seeing all of the new parts laid out on the floor is like a serotonin shot to my brain. New shocks, new springs, new control arms, new ball joints, new wheel bearings, new calipers, new rotors, and new pads? I might faint. Watching all of that get installed is like watching an artist rejuvenate a painting at the Louvre.

Of course, it’s much easier to watch this install than it is to actually perform and, even with all new parts and good tools, removing old suspension components can be an anger-inducing endeavor. However, us viewers don’t have to worry about that, so we can enjoy the good part—watching the new parts go in.

When new, the E39 5 Series has one of the sweetest rides of any premium sedan ever. It’s absolutely sensational to drive. So imagining what this feels like after a complete overhaul is so good is actually makes me mad with jealousy.