E39 BMW 5 Series

Would the E39 BMW 5 Series actually have looked good as a coupe?

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Buyer’s Guide: E39 BMW 5 Series

Probably the most popular 5 Series among BMW enthusiasts is the E39-generation. Most of that popularity comes from the E39 M5 being the best M5 in the model’s storied history. But much of the M5’s…

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Top Five best used BMWs for first-time drivers

Ah, youth. First getting a driver’s license is one of the best feelings of being a teenager. It’s the feeling of freedom; the ability to go wherever, whenever with whomever. But that license isn’t the…

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Is the E39 5 Series the best car ever made?

There’s a common belief among BMW enthusiasts that Bimmers just aren’t made like they used to be. This belief is largely rooted in truth, as modern BMWs are so filled electronic gizmos and doodads that…