I’m sure if you asked any BMW enthusiast if they’d want to own an E39 M5, they’d all say yes (apart from those that already do, obviously). In fact, if you asked any enthusiasts, they’d probably say yes. The E39 was, and still is, a fantastic sport sedan. But is it actually as good to own as it seems? In reality, after owning one for several years, would it still provide that same exciting driving experience or might its charms wear over time?

In this new video from Tedward, he takes you for a ride in his very own E39 M5, a car he’s owned for nine years. Like any old German car, it’s had its issues, it’s needed repairs, and it hasn’t been perfect. However, is its drive still good enough and exciting enough to overcome those issues?

Tedward admits that his feelings for the car have changed drastically over the years. When he first bought it, he loved the low-down torque of the V8 and its Autobahn-cruising nature. It was for those reasons that he bought it over an E46 M3, with its higher-revving, sportier nature. And he still appreciates that about it.

As much as enthusiasts wax poetic about its steering and chassis, the E39 M5 is not a backroad sports car. It’s a big, ultra-smooth, and seriously fast cruising. He likens it to a capable limo and that’s probably the best way to describe an E39 M5. But that’s not a bad thing. There’s still a solidity to the way it feels, which makes its experience still feel special. In fact, he still wants to keep the car for many years, despite the fact that it isn’t exactly cheap to keep in such good condition.

So is the E39 M5 worth owning for years? Tedward seems to think so, just make sure you have the funds to maintain it as well as he has.