BMW has a back catalog of wheels that’s almost unmatched in the industry. Its history is filled with gorgeous BMW M wheels that are still revered today. However, its latest efforts haven’t been so great. The G80 BMW M3 wheels are fine, they’re not bad by any means, but they’re just a bit predictable at this point. So hooking the M3 up with upgraded wheels high on the list for owners who want to personalize their cars. And if you’re going to upgrade such an expensive, high-performance car, these HRE FF28 wheels will do nicely.

Wheels can truly make or break the look of a car. The stock M3’s wheels aren’t bad looking but they don’t really help the car’s design any. These HRE FF28, with a liquid metal finish, look both sportier and more premium than the stock wheels, with their big ‘Y’ spoke design. The HRE FF28s come in either 19″ or 20″ sizes and come with 19 different finish options. The liquid metal finish here is a metallic silver but in these photos there even seems to be a bronze flake in the sunlight. They’re stunning.

There are some interesting finish choices, not just the typical silver, black, and bronze. Few wheel makers offer finishes like reds and blues, and not just one of each but several. When it comes to wheel finish options, HRE Wheels dwarfs the selections of most other wheel makers.

Admittedly, they’re helped by wheel spacers on this car, something the G80 M3 sorely needs. Those spacers combine with a lowered suspension to make the G80 M3 sit perfectly. Whoever built this M3 did a great job of perfectly selecting the right wheel, spacer, and suspension combo because it all combines to make the G80 M3 look its absolute best. Admittedly, I would have chosen a different color, as Black Sapphire Metallic, so as to make it a bit more exciting, but it looks good here.

Making the G80 M3 look more aggressive is actually quite helpful for its overall design. When we spoke with HRE Wheels president Alan Peltier awhile back, he said that more aggressive upgrades help the G80 M3’s design because its face is so aggressive but the rest of it isn’t, so adding sportier wheels and a rear spoiler, like this car has, truly fills the car’s design out.

If you own a BMW M3, Competition or otherwise, a set of HRE FF28 wheels will go a long way to improving its looks.

[Source: HRE Wheels]