There really is nothing like the smell of fresh coffee and the sight of incredible cars in the morning. And there are few places on earth better for getting such an experience than the Amelia Island Cars and Coffee with BMW. During our recent trip to Florida, we had the chance to tag along at the Amelia Island Concourse but the morning coffee was possibly the best part. The lawn was filled with some of the most incredible automotive machinery on earth, even if it wasn’t quite as remarkable as the Pebble Beach Concourse. Specific to BMW, the Amelia Island lawn was packed with cars that made our jaws drop. Some of them were perfectly preserved precious classics, while others were thoughtfully tuned modern classics.

Nearly 50 BMWs on display

Some of the cars we saw that really stood out weren’t ones that would normally snag headlines. Sure, the red BMW 507 was breathtaking and most of the M cars were awesome but there were a few cars that just stood out from the rest. For instance, the turquoise E9 BMW 3.0CS was absolutely stunning and couldn’t have been spec’d better for Florida if BMW tried. There was also a black BMW 2002, which was about as simple as simple gets but for some reason it compels me to drive it.

As per usual, there were the classic M cars, such as the E60 M5, the E30 M3, and the E46 M3. But there were some other more modern and interesting choices as well. For instance, the blue BMW Z8 was special, with its color-matching blue interior, as was the BMW Z4 M Coupe on gorgeous Apex wheels. The Clown Shoe was there, too, in all of its tiny BMW Z3 M glory. It isn’t the fasted car here by a long shot but it’s easily one of the coolest and most interesting.

There are few things in life I’d rather do than spend a day outdoors, with a cup of coffee in hand, and admire all of this fantastic metal. These are the sorts of cars that us as enthusiasts dream of seeing in person and this gathering has all of them in one place. It’s almost sensory overload, as our little car nerd brains can’t handle the sheer quantity of beautiful cars on display. Thankfully, we had the chance to attend the Amelia Island Concourse and it’s an event we hope to attend again in the future.

[Photos: BMWBLOG / Sam Cobb / Daniel Kraus]