The original 8 Series Coupe is among the most desirable models ever built, even though the E31 wasn’t the commercial success BMW had hoped it would be. A new video puts the spotlight on a gorgeous right-hand-drive 840Ci getting ready to attend the 2023 Ultimate Dubs at the Telford International Centre. If the show’s name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s an enthusiast event for all things VAG but cars outside of the Volkswagen Group are also allowed.

The folks over at Car Audio Security typically work with Air Lift to fit air suspensions, as seen recently on an E36 Convertible. However, the problem with the first-gen 8 Series is that a tailor-made kit has not been developed, which means it had to be custom-made specifically for this V8-powered sports coupe. Some of the worn suspension components had to be either refreshed or replaced, along with making the necessary changes for the Airlift kit.

Fitting the air suspension required modifying the cargo area to fit the necessary tank and compressors on a platform mounted in the space where the spare wheel normally sits. The extra hardware is neatly tucked away underneath the carpet to ensure the trunk looks clean. Following the E31’s appearance at the Ultimate Dubs, it’ll undergo additional changes in the trunk area to accommodate a high-end sound system.

The air suspension’s controller hides where the ashtray used to be, just below the gear lever and hazard button between the seats. Slammed to the ground, the BMW 8 Series looks sleek and imposing while riding on its original wheels. However, the plan is to install a custom set just in time for the Ultimate Dubs, which is taking place this Sunday, March 12.

Many would argue it’s sacrilegious to modify the E31, but fitting an air suspension is a reversible process. Personally, I don’t mind how it looks now, although I’d much rather prefer the OEM setup.

Source: CAS TV / YouTube