The X1 has certainly come a long way in terms of styling, technology, and comfort compared to the original E84. Some would argue the switch to a front-wheel-drive layout with the second-generation model (F48) was a step backward, but the truth of the matter is people shopping in this segment don’t necessarily care where the power is routed.

With the third-gen crossover, BMW has made its entry-level X model substantially larger. It now stretches at 4.5 meters, making the latest X1 look all grown up, without necessarily giving the impression it’s the cheapest model among the company’s crossovers. Seen here is an appealing spec by combining a Mineral White metallic paint with the M Sport Package and large 19-inch wheels.

At just under €57,000, it’s certainly not cheap. This is especially true considering we’re dealing with a front-wheel-drive specification with a diesel engine. It does have more than a few extras added, including adaptive LED headlights and Shadowline upgrades to black out certain exterior elements such as the kidney grille and side mirror caps.

Stepping inside, the 2023 BMW X1 keeps it simple with the standard upholstery combining Sensatec (artificial leather) with Alcantara and blue stitching. As with all versions of the small luxury crossover, it does away with the rotary knob of the infotainment. Speaking of which, the X1 will be the first model to receive iDrive 9 with freshly built vehicles that will run on Android Automotive.

Additional updates to the X1 lineup will be made later this year when BMW is expected to introduce an M Performance version, which has never been offered for the model. It’ll likely be called X1 M35i and offer a little over 300 horsepower from a revised B48 engine linked to a quad-pipe exhaust system. In addition, the Bavarians are reportedly planning a front-wheel-drive iX1 electric version as well.

Source: crospotter13 / YouTube