The parking capabilities of your BMW iX, X7 or new 7 Series are about to get better. Today, BMW announced a major upgrade for their My BMW App (Version 2.12.x) which will roll out to users this Spring. The new update works together with the extended Parking Assistant Professional giving drivers the ability to guide their car into and out of parking spaces. The new function also carries out more complex maneuvering from outside the car via the My BMW App. We had a chance to test this app in a beta version nearly a year ago and you can see how it works in our video.

Useful For Tight Parking Spaces

The number one use case is certainly the access to tight or hard-to-access parking spaces. As you can see in the video below, the driver can pause a parking process that is already underway, get out of the car and then resume the parking maneuvers. The entire process is monitored via the app while outside the car. BMW says that switching between controlling the car when inside it and doing so from the outside is also possible for more extensive maneuvers.  The Maneuver Assistant function is included in the Parking Assistant Professional. Of course, there is a caveat. The smartphone has to be within six meters of the vehicle.

Store Up to 10 Maneuvers

The Maneuver Assistant can record and store up to ten maneuvers at different locations. Basically, using GPS and trajectory data defined by steering movements, the parking system can cover a maximum distance of 200 meters and up to a combined total of 600 meters. Furthermore, BMW says the parking system performs all the driving tasks required in fully automated form, including acceleration, braking, steering and, if required, multiple direction and gear changes.

Some might argue that this new function is a gimmick, but it can come in handy when parking in a tight spot. Such a feature is particularly useful for a large car like the 7 Series with its massive doors. Another scenario is when the owner lives in an apartment building with its own parking area. Here is the system in action: