The folks over at CAS TV recently sold three of their fleet cars, including an F80 M3, and decided to buy another BMW. This time around, it’s a G80 M3 Competition xDrive painted in an Individual Dravit Grey color and riding on two-tone (825 M) wheels. It’s almost a fully loaded car, complete with the optional carbon bucket seats and Fiona Red leather upholstery. Being a 2023MY, it has the latest iDrive 8 infotainment.

Shortly after taking delivery of the sports sedan, the owners decided to drop it off at NVN Motorworks in London to apply paint protection film. The first order of business was to thoroughly clean the car and look for any paint imperfections in the clearcoat while polishing the body. The PPF is then cut to the exact dimensions of the panels while taking into account the gaps necessary for things such as door handles and the shark fin antenna.

It wasn’t a full PPF treatment as NVN Motorworks installed what it refers to as a Track Pack, which includes the entire front fascia, mirror caps, side skirts, and wheel arches. Although not normally included in this package, the carbon roof has also received clear PPF. The professional detailer seems to have done a remarkable job since the paint protection film is barely perceptible.

The owner must come back with the car within the next four to six weeks so that the detailers can have a closer look at whether the self-healing PPF has settled accordingly since it has the tendency to move a bit at first.

This all-wheel-drive M3 has an interesting spec with a gray exterior contrasted by the flashy red cabin. Modifications are already planned as the car will be lowered, thus making the PPF treatment even more important since dropping the ride height will make it more vulnerable to stone chips and whatnot.

Source: CAS TV / YouTube