Rolls-Royce has managed to steer clear of the turmoil in the automotive industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic, supply shortages, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For the first time in its illustrious 118-year history, the ultra-luxury British brand managed to sell more than 6,000 vehicles in a 12-month period. In 2022, shipments to customers rose by 8% compared to the year before, reaching a record level of 6,021 vehicles.

Buyers from around 50 countries around the world took delivery of a Rolls-Royce last year. Demand grew in basically all regions, with the BMW Group brand enjoying strong growth in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, United States, and Europe compared to 2021. Rolls-Royce is also happy to report Bespoke commissions reached record levels in 2022, with clients paying about €500,000 on average for a high-spec car.

Once again, the US was Rolls-Royce’s biggest market overall, fueled by demand coming from “a new generation of younger American entrepreneurs, wealth generators, and job creators” buying their first RR. Greater China was the second-largest market, with most buyers coming from Shanghai and Beijing but also from Hangzhou and Shenzhen.

Record sales in the United Kingdom and Germany allowed Rolls-Royce to have its best sales year ever in Europe in 2022. Bespoke commissions were the most popular in the Middle East, while strong demand in Asia-Pacific came from Japan’s new entrepreneurs as well as from South Korea.

This year is already looking good as the Goodwood-based marque has enough orders to keep busy “far into 2023.” Unveiled in October, demand for the Spectre has already exceeded RR’s expectations ahead of the fourth quarter when deliveries of the electric coupe are scheduled to commence. Needless to say, the Cullinan SUV was the best-selling model in 2022.

Following the success of the Sweptail and Boat Tail, Rolls-Royce says it’s already working on additional coachbuilding projects.

In the long run, the elite brand will offer a purely electric lineup by 2030, with MINI to follow shortly. The core BMW brand has yet to set a cutoff date for the ICE.

Source: Rolls-Royce