Last week, YouTuber Mat Armstrong bought himself a wrecked F90 M5 with the intent to rebuild it. However, it immediately proved to be trickier than he initially anticipated. Not only was there more physical damage than he thought but the engine proved difficult to get running again. Buying a wrecked six-figure super sedan with more electronics than the space shuttle doesn’t sound like the best idea. So what happens now?

The first they Armstrong wanted to do was start the engine, to make sure it worked properly before digging into this project. In the crash, its oil cooler was smashed, which caused the engine to dump all of its oil. So Armstrong hoped that the engine was off when the oil was dumped, to avoid damage. However, he couldn’t get it started for long enough to test it out. In this new video, he found the incredibly simple, but totally obscure, reason why it wouldn’t start and fixed it for cheap. After that, the engine fired right up.

Next up was to check the frame and chassis. The big issue was that there was a hole in the strut tower. Not a small one, either. Instead, it looked like the Hulk threw a baseball through it. Problem with that is the fact that the strut tower is made from a specific aluminum alloy, making it expensive, and it’s bonded to the body, making it difficult to repair. Then Armstrong had to worry if there was any more chassis damage to contend with.

Armstrong has made a habit of trying to revive damaged cars but this one might be his most ambitious project yet. His F90 M5 was absolutely wrecked from the front and it’s going to require a ton of work. However, because it’s a highly complicated F90 M5, that work isn’t easy. So check out the progress he’s making and be sure to follow it.