Earlier this month, BMW gave some fans the impression its main social media accounts were hacked after mysterious messages and weird graphics popped up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. However, it didn’t fool everyone as the probability of having all pages hacked concomitantly is close to zero. We still don’t know what “Dee” is all about, but we will have an answer in less than two weeks from now.

According to another cryptic video released on social media, BMW announces we’ll get to meet Dee on January 5 during the first day of CES 2023. It likely has something to do with artificial intelligence and may or may not be linked to the already confirmed concept car the luxury brand will showcase in Las Vegas. During the meeting held in early November to present the Q3 2022 quarterly report, CFO Dr. Nicolas Peter said a new Vision concept is coming to CES.

The concept is intriguing not just because of Dee, but also due to the reason BMW said it’ll provide an early look at the Neue Klasse platform. The electric-first architecture with next-generation round battery cells won’t debut on a production car until 2025 with an all-new EV that will be manufactured at the Debrecen plant in Hungary. Previously, the German brand confirmed NE will premiere with two models in the 3 Series segment, so expect an i3 Sedan and an iX3 crossover.

Whatever Dee is about, we’re fairly certain Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved in the promotional push. Several short videos have been published on social media in recent days, suggesting the 75-year-old actor is shooting a new ad. As some of you will recall, the former governor of California appeared in a commercial earlier this year during the Super Bowl together with Salma Hayek and the iX electric SUV.

Source: BMW Group / Instagram