[UPDATE] Upon further investigation, we’ve noticed BMW’s website now has a dedicated section for Dee where you can sign up to receive updates. A part of the link’s structure contains “events/nextgen2023/”, which tells us the mystery will be deciphered next year.

Unusual behavior on BMW’s main social media channels today has prompted some people to jump to the conclusion the accounts have been hacked. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even LinkedIn, the famous roundel in white and blue has been replaced with the “Dee” script in yellow on a black background. These four platforms now contain odd messages, especially on Twitter where you can find weird texts: “\\ does anyone know how polls work? //” , “\\ search: how do polls work? //” , “\\ uhm how to drive this thing??? //”, “\\ ooh… i wonder what this button does… //”

It’s understandable why some would be tempted to say a hacker is messing around with BMW’s social media channel given these peculiar messages. However, let’s be realistic here. What are the odds of someone hacking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at the exact same time? Not even the Anonymous hacker group is capable of such a cyberattack.

A more plausible explanation is we’re dealing with a new marketing campaign that seemingly refers to artificial intelligence (AI) or something to that effect. When asked by a commenter on Facebook whether this is some kind of prank, BMW (or should we say Dee?) hinted it’s a preview of what’s to come: “\\ let’s find out together – stay tuned //”

Lest we forget CES 2023 is coming in early January, so there might be some sort of connection between this mysterious Dee and the tech-heavy show in Las Vegas. BMW certainly has our attention now as we’re scratching our heads trying to figure out what the marketing team is up to with these unexpected actions. We don’t recall any other automaker doing such a publicity stunt in recent years.

Even though “Dee” remains a complete mystery, it’s safe to say the marketing trick is already working considering fans of the German brand are baffled. As we speak, the campaign or whatever we’re dealing with here is generating a lot of buzz around this atypical behavior from an automaker that takes itself seriously on social media.

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