A week ago, BMW’s social media accounts were flooded by what seemed to be hacked messages from someone named “Dee.” It was unclear who that was or what kinda of social media campaign BMW was running. It was all very vague and confusing. However, a post to BMW’s website seems to suggest that Dee is some sort of AI. That’s seemingly been confirmed by an Instagram post from BMW, featuring Dee and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In this short clip, we see Arnold Schwarzenegger talking to Dee, an AI assistant, and trying on different digital outfits. It’s sort of like he has a digital avatar but his head is real. It starts off with Arnold wearing an ugly Christmas sweater-type outfit but then he asks Dee to try on some new things. Once he does that, he says goodbye and that he’ll see it in the future. Dee then responds that it’ll see him in January. January? What’s in January?

A quick google search of tech or automotive related events in January reveals CES 2023, the tech event that’s becoming increasingly important for automakers. So it would seem that BMW is looking to debut Dee, whatever that is, to the world at CES on January 4. However, it’s still unclear what Dee is, exactly.

Is Dee a new Siri-like replacement for BMW’s current digital assistant? BMW just invested a ton of money into its current digital assistant and gave it hundreds of new commands. So it would be odd if BMW suddenly released a new one. However, it would be interesting if this Dee was closer to a Siri or Alexa, in that you just call its name and talk to it more freely, instead of just saying “Hey, BMW.” If that is the case, why the name “Dee?” Is it some sort of acronym for something? Is it Dee Snider trapped in a digital prison? What is it?

BMW thinks it’s being cute and mysterious with this campaign and it’s confusing but it’s admittedly working. I know it’s just some sort of media campaign to promote a product of some sort but tickle me intrigued, I want to know what, or who, Dee is. I also find it ironic that BMW used Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy who’s been fighting evil sentient AI since the ’80s. Let’s just hope Dee doesn’t become the next SkyNet.