The BMW i5 can’t seem to keep the prying eyes of automotive paparazzi away. We’ve seen a ton of spy photos of the BMW i5 lately, both sedan and wagon, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to shy away from checking out more.

In these new spy photos you can see the BMW i5 sedan this. Last time is was the wagon and it showed that the i5 and standard 5 Series will essentially have the same design.Save for some electric-only design elements, such as the lack of exhausts and the blanked out grille, the BMW i5 is very much going to look like just a standard 5 Series.

Under the skin, though, the i5 will be quite a bit different. Rather than the gas engine upfront, the BMW i5 will have a choice of a couple of different electric powertrains, similar to those found in the i4. What’s interesting is that the i5 isn’t out yet and it’s already a bit behind the times. Despite being a completely new model, the BMW i5 will be built on the same CLAR architecture as pretty much every other 5 Series. However, BMW already has an entirely new electric chassis in the works, the Neue Klasse.

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When the Neue Klasse debuts, it will be the basis for all future electric BMWs and it will be far more advanced than CLAR. So when the i5 debuts, it’s going to be ancient history pretty quickly. That doesn’t mean it won’t be great, though. In fact, it will likely be among the best everyday BMWs, due to its comfort, practicality (in Touring form), technology, and performance.

For those interested in the i5, you won’t have to wait very long to find. The i5 is going to debut alongside its standard 5 Series sibling in 2023 and it’s going to be the first electric BMW offered in two body styles. Expect Neue Klasse EVs to come out after 2025, so the i5 will be among the best BMW has until then.

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