What is the point of spending hours cleaning a flooded car? While this BMW M Roadster will never be back on the road for obvious reasons, it still makes sense to have it pampered by a professional detailer. It was flooded earlier this year when Hurricane Ian hit the southeast United States before being subsequently sold to J & J Auto Wrecking.

The parts supplier bought the ill-fated convertible sports car to scrap it for parts, but not before giving it one final wash. Their friends at WD Detailing were tasked to clean the M Roadster inside and out after taking it out of a frozen lake where it was deliberately put by J & J Auto Wrecking. It’s sad to see such a desirable car being towed by a Hummer H2 after a tiny truck failed to get the job done despite several attempts.

It’s not every day we get to see a pressure washer used inside a car, especially one that happened to have an M3 engine underneath its long hood. Even though we know this M Roadster won’t be used ever again, it is satisfying to see the radical transformation after the pro detailers worked their magic to freshen up the interior.

Everything that can be saved from the car will be taken off and sold before the M Roadster is crushed. BMW made a little over 15,000 units between 1997 and 2002, so there should be more than a few owners looking for cheap spare parts coming from a flooded car. For this example, WD Detailing was sort of like the automotive equivalent of a mortician by making the car look good for its funeral.

As with regular cars revitalized by professional detailers, the M Roadster looks good, even though it will sadly never be driven again.

Source: WD Detailing / YouTube