Yesterday, Misha Charouding finally unveiled the project he’s been working so passionately on for almost a year. After crashing someone else’s BMW M4 CS, he set about completely fixing it but also modifying it, to make it a better track car. And now that it’s done, you get to see it on its maiden track voyage.

When the car was crashed, the entire front end was ruined. Even the front crash structure was so badly damaged that it couldn’t be repaired, it had to be replaced and repainted. Which cost a fortune. Then, it needed new front body panels which, for an M4 CS, are also very expensive. Those things, along with all of the other parts needed and the upgrades made it an incredibly costly project. However, for Charoudin it was worth it, to right his own wrong and give the owner an incredibly special car.

In addition to the fixes, it also got some great upgrades, including Moton race coilover suspension, bigger brakes, an upgraded steering wheel and new wheels and tires. It also got a bit of an engine remap, to make it more powerful. So it should be better on the track after it was crashed than it was before.

This new video shows the car hit the track for the first time, with Charoudin at the wheel. It would normally take a ton of courage to let someone who crashed your car take the wheel again. However, Charoudin it he Nurburgring expert, so there are few people better qualified to test out the M4 CS on track. He’s done so many laps of the ‘Ring he could probably navigate it in his sleep. So he’s a pretty safe bet to drive your car on the most difficult track in the world.

It’s also just an awesome car. I won’t spoil what the car’s like to drive now but, believe me, it’s worth a watch.