The Smoking Tire is doing a giveaway for a $30,000 canyon carver and while it’s a great opportunity for enthusiasts to win a car, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Instead, we’re here to talk about the car they’re giving away because what hosts Matt Farah and Zack Klapman have created is basically the perfect BMW. It’s a BMW 135i Coupe with an assortment of tasteful mods and it’s exactly what a BMW should be.

By modern standards, the 1 Series coupe is tiny but it’s actually surprisingly spacious inside and comfortable for at least two adults. However, that tiny footprint makes it feel small, nimble, and light when you drive it. Something that can’t be said about most modern BMWs. It’s the right size for a sporty BMW coupe and puts the heft of current BMW models into perspective. Even the new 2 Series Coupe feels significantly bigger than the old 1 Series, despite the former being the latter’s successor.

Even bone stock, the two hosts were impressed by the 135i. Its engine had plenty of power, its six-speed manual was nice to use, and its steering was a great reminder of what BMW was capable of when it actually cared about steering feel. So it was a great canyon carver and a great daily, perfect for enthusiasts. However, they decided to make it better, by accentuating its qualities while fixing some of its issues.

So it got a Cobb Stage 1+ tune, which bumped torque up 80 lb-ft (which is a lot), they gave the engine and chassis a $9,000 service to make sure everything is in good running condition, they fitted it with ST coilover suspension, and some gorgeous 19-inch HRE wheels, among other things. The final product not only looks awesome but it’s fast and seriously fun to drive. And yet, it’s no less comfortable than the stock car during everyday driving. If anything, it’s probably more comfortable, due to the suspension being new and in good shape, rather than the old, worn stock shocks it had before.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive sports car, something you can use both on the road and on the track, take a look at the BMW 135i Coupe. It can be had for pretty cheap and upgraded to become a genuinely brilliant little driver’s car for less than a well-equipped Honda Accord. Check out this video to not only see what they did to it but also the results of their work.