The BMW i7 is the most technologically advanced car the brand has ever made and it’s not even close. Not only is its powertrain high-tech, thanks to BMW’s latest generation of electric power unit, but its cabin tech borders on absurdity. And while we can test it and review it all the live long day, no one really does a feature-packed deep dive like Doug DeMuro. So let’s see what he was able to find.

During our podcast with DeMuro awhile back, I asked him how he find all of the obscure quirks and features of the cars in his videos. He says he spends a good few hours with the car before shooting each video, really digging through the car. Well, it must have taken him five hours in the BMW i7 because there’s just so much stuff to dig through. Just the back seat alone is packed with countless interesting features and details. It’s the most Doug car ever.

One of the most interesting features about the new 7 Series in general, be it the i7 or 760i, is the power door function. All four doors on the BMW 7 Series are automatic and can open and close on their own, with the push of a button. However, it goes a few steps further than that. Not only can they open on their own but they feature sensors to make sure they don’t open into objects. You can also open and close each and every door, as well as all at once, through the voice commands. Just tell the BMW AI assistant to open or close the doors and it will. It’s awesome.

Then there’s the theater screen, which is a massive 31-inch 8k screen that drops down from the ceiling. It’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in a production car and, while it does have some drawbacks (namely the fact that it blocks out the rearview mirror), it’s pretty spectacular. There are also screens in the rear door panels to control the main theater screen, as well as the rear climate controls. So you have a screen to control a screen. It’s like a Russian nesting doll of technological snobbery.

There are so many more strange and interesting and fantastic features about the BMW i7 that most people don’t have the patience to dig through but Doug DeMuro does so check this video otu.