By now, we’ve all seen countless spy photos of the next-generation (G90) BMW M5. However, spy video has been far less common and spy video is more helpful in understanding how the car actually looks. In a video, you can see the car move through space, among other cars, to get a better idea of its size, proportions, and design. Of course, it’s covered in camouflage in this new spy video from Automotive Mike, but it’s still a chance to see the M5 in action.

The BMW M5 test mule in these photos isn’t any less camouflaged than the car we’ve already seen in spy photos. However, getting to see it lap the ‘Ring is an entirely different animal as you can see it move through the track, to get a better understanding of its size and design relative to its environment. Thankfully, the BMW M5 is going to be a more subtle Bimmer, with a design that’s more understated and less in-your-face than, say, a 7 Series. That lack of visual restraint is a breath of fresh air in BMW’s modern design language and we’re happy to see it.

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However, one thing I’m not happy to see, or rather hear, is its lack of exhaust note. The next-gen BMW M5 will share the same hybrid V8 powertrain as the BMW XM. That means it will have BMW’s new S68 engine, along with a plug-in hybrid setup, which will make the first-ever hybrid M5 in history. And yet, despite having the all-new V8 and packing a monstrous powertrain, the M5 in this video is barely audible.

And monstrous it will be. The next-gen BMW M5 will likely have around 650 horsepower when it debuts, with a possibility for much more in the future. And yet, despite all of that fury, which will no doubt make it the fastest M car in history when it debuts, you can barely hear it. Here’s to hoping that BMW improves the sound, at least from the outside, by the time it’s released. Otherwise, fans are going to be rather upset.