When the BMW Z4 M40i and Toyota Supra first debuted, every enthusiast wondered why neither car had a manual gearbox. The answer was pretty obvious, even then—no one buys manuals anymore. However, that didn’t stop enthusiasts from begging both brands to bring a manual option to both cars. After a few years, both BMW and Toyota agreed to do so and the Supra is the first to actually offer it. In this new video from Throttle House (Extra), we get to check it out and it proves why we’re so excited about the Z4 M40i version.

For starter, both hosts are right—the manual Supra isn’t something we’re all thankful for because it’s the car that we all should have had from the beginning. However, now that it’s here, it’s okay to be excited about finally getting the chance to drive it. And it seems great. The standard Toyota Supra 3.0 is a great car, with a brilliant B58 engine, a really well-balanced chassis, and playful sports car dynamics. Sure, it feels like a BMW but caring about that is like complaining: “Well my wife is beautiful but it’s only because her mom is beautiful and she’s kind of annoying.” Who cares where the goodness comes from, just appreciate the goodness.

The BMW Z4 M40i does indeed feel a lot like the Supra but just with the benefit of having a folding soft-top. That means you can hear that lovely B58 exhaust note even better, while also taking in all the sounds and smells of the environment. It’s like a Supra-Plus.

Last I drove the BMW Z4 M40i, I fell in love with its goofy, high-performance incongruity. It looks like a delicate sports car but it drives like a muscle car, roasting its tires at will. Now imagine that with a six-speed manual transmission. Sounds like fun, right?

The BMW Z4 M40i will be getting its manual transmission soon enough and when it does, I can’t wait to see what it’s like to drive. The Supra is proving that it should be really good, even if it isn’t Porsche Boxster-good. And we’re all very excited about it, here.