Few modern BMWs have seen such a drastic improvement in public opinion like the X7. While most modern BMW designs are criticized, the one that’s actually starting to gain some love back is the BMW X7, now that it’s been given its mid-cycle LCI refresh. And that newly facelifted X7 seems to look best in Verde Ermes, judging by this new photo gallery.

What’s ironic about the X7 finally getting some positive feedback is that it’s the O.G. big-grille BMW. It’s the car that first launched this new trend of massive BMW grilles and, when it first debuted, it was absolutely skewered by the media and public. There wasn’t a kind word to say about its design anywhere on the interwebs. However, now that we’ve gotten used to it, and the facelift has evened out its face a bit, the X7 is starting to grow on a lot of enthusiasts, this one included. I still don’t think it’s pretty, nor do most BMW fans, but it’s certainly better looking than it was before.

It’s the new split headlights that do the trick. With the split headlights taking up a lot more real estate on the massive front end, the grilles no longer seem so large and the X7’s face seems more proportionate. Which proves what most critics right, when we said that the size of the grilles wasn’t the problem but their integration into the front end. BMW tried to point to other big-grilled car brands, such as Audi and Lexus, but those grilles are better incorporated than most BMW grilles. The X7’s new design proves that, as it’s finally better incorporating its big grille design.

Being an M60i model, this X7 packs the new S68 engine, a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. That’s the same power output as the outgoing N63 engine in the X7 M50i but this new engine is improved everywhere else; refinement, efficiency, and technology. Plus, it’s capable of far more power than the N63, and even the S63 M version.

Seen here in Verde Ermas, the BMW X7 M60i looks really good, especially with those wheels. Its BMW Individual green paint is both vibrant and moody. In direct sunlight, it’s bright and metallic, allowing it to pop and shine. But in the shadows, it’s dark and dramatic. It’s a paint color with great duality and a ton of character. Big luxury SUVs can often be cold, sterile devices but this X7 has a warmth and a personality to it, all due to its color. Which is why I constantly push customers to get Individual colors, because they can turn a humdrum BMW into something so much more. And this X7 M60i proves that right.