This new Rolls-Royce Spectre is one of the most important cars the brand has ever produced. It’s the first-ever, mass-production, all-electric car from the oldest luxury brand in history. Naturally, it’s a big deal. However, there are going to be comparisons to the now-defunct Rolls-Royce Wraith because the two cars look similar. So is this new Spectre just an electric Wraith?

Firstly, the two cars aren’t similar under the skin. The new Spectre is built on a different chassis, has far better technology, and uses an entirely different powertrain. Secondly, the two cars do share design similarities, so let’s check out what makes them similar and different.

Up Front

Here is where the two cars differ the most. Both cars have similar grilles, that are shorter than typical Rolls grilles. However, that’s where their front end similarities end. Where the Wraith had rounded rectangular headlights, the Spectre has split headlights, with super slim uppers and big chunky lowers. The Spectre also gets upright body lines, sharper edges, and a much more imposing look. While they seem familial, the Spectre is a different beast.

In Profile

There’s no denying how similar both cars look from the side. The Spectre is just a bit sharper than the Wraith. Otherwise, so many of their details are the same. For instance, the C-pillar kink is more upright on the Wraith but is sleeker on the Spectre. The Wraith has a thicker, larger rear end, while the Spectre’s seems a bit shorter, with its rear wheels stretched further toward the back. The Spectre’s front end us also lower, thanks no doubt to its lack of engine up front.

From Behind

Out back, the two cars share very similar design philosophies. Their rear wheel arches swell out, the designs are clean, and they feature two simple taillights. On the Spectre, those taillights are thin and upright, while they’re chunkier on the Wraith. Another interesting point, the Wraith has exhaust tips, something you don’t always see on Rolls products. Obviously, being an electric car, the Spectre lacks such things.


Rolls-Royce has taken a very evolutionary approach to its interior designs. While the new Spectre is superior in every way, it’s not that much different looking than the Wraith. Sure, its dashboard is more advanced and it now has starlight door panels. But the two cars are pretty similar inside. However, the new Spectre does get digital dials for the first time in a Rolls. The graphics look crisp and certainly fit the nature of the car. And fret not, the power reserve is still there, just digital this time.


As you can see, the Rolls-Royce Spectre certainly shares some familiar design with the Wraith but with a new design that’s sharper, sleeker, and sportier than before. We can’t wait to have the chance to test it.