With the third-generation X1, BMW introduced a couple of fresh colors never offered before, such as Cape York Green and Utah Orange. We’ve seen the compact crossover in these two vibrant shades, but it’s only now a new Individual paint has surfaced. Known as Blue Bay Lagoon, the metallic hue costs an additional €1,200, thus making it more expensive than the other two we just mentioned. Frozen Pure Grey remains the priciest of the bunch, at a hefty €2,300.

The X1 shown here is actually the fully electric iX1 xDrive30, riding on the largest wheels ever offered from the factory for BMW’s entry-level crossover, a 20-inch set. Alternatively, we recently had the opportunity to shoot the xDrive23i model in Utah Orange with even bigger 21-inch alloys from the M Performance Parts catalog. The vast color palette and a wide array of wheel designs/sizes reinforce the German luxury brand’s decision to offer an unprecedented level of customization for the X1.

Chances are even more paint and wheels options are on the way taking into consideration the M Performance version has yet to be revealed. It is a known fact BMW is working on a first-ever X1 M35i and you can rest assured it will have some exclusive goodies to complement the quad exhaust tips and updated B48 engine with 315 horsepower.

With gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and electric powertrains corroborated with multiple trim levels and a sporty derivative on the way, BMW appears to have an X1 for just about everyone. There’s also likely a cheaper iX1 single-motor variant in the works for 2023 with front-wheel drive to further broaden the crossover’s appeal and lure in additional buyers.

The iX1 might not be a direct replacement for the quirky i3 hatchback, but it serves a similar role in the lineup by being the cheapest BMW EV money can buy. It’s especially true if the rumored sDrive model is coming next year to undercut the current xDrive model priced from €55,000.

Source: BMW