BMW in collaboration with American retail fashion and lifestyle brand KITH worked together for the first time a couple of years ago for a limited-run special edition based on the G82 M4 Competition Coupe. The duo has decided to rekindle the partnership for another performance car, only this time the combustion engine is gone. Yes, the new tie-up is based around the purely electric i4 M50.

A press release has yet to be issued, but the video released on social media shows the zero-emissions M Performance car in Munich at BMW Welt. The first electric car from BMW to wear the M badge is white with dozens of KITH logos, optional 19-inch wheels, and bespoke roundels. The company’s founder Ronnie Fieg says the i4 M50 will be driven through Europe.

As a refresher, the BMW M4 Competition X KITH was an instant success as the 150 cars planned for production were sold in a matter of minutes. It’s unclear how many vehicles will be produced this time around. We do know Ronnie Fieg is a huge fan of the Bavarian marque since he has a garage chock-full of classic BMWs. Highlights include the E30 M3 Evo and an 850CSi, along with modern models like a V12-powered M760Li. He also happens to have two E24 M6s and an E30 M3 Convertible, but he’d like to add the M1, E28 M5, and E36 M3.

In the build-up to the car’s debut this weekend, Ronnie Fieg worked with BMW on another EV-based project. He purchased a 1602 and fully restored it before performing an electric conversion, much like the German brand did in 1972 when it unveiled its very first EV to serve as a transport vehicle for the Summer Olympics in Munich. Rather than painting it orange like its source of inspiration, the American footwear and clothing designer went with Vitality Green, a color that will forever remain a one-off.

Source: kith.only / Instagram