My name is Sam and I’m the proud owner of a BMW M4 Competition x Kith Limited Edition in Frozen Black. You can find my Kith x M4 story also on my Instagram @kxth_m4, but below is my review of the car after a few months of ownership. First of all, regardless of the special collaboration, I’ve always wanted a frozen/matte/satin painted car.

Why The Kith M4 Edition?

Photos provided by @ efeabugo and @kxth_m4 on Instagram

I was actually looking into a family wagon back in 2020 and literally missed out the BMW X7 M50i Dark Shadow Edition (Frozen Arctic Gray with Night Blue interior), which was a limited edition vehicle that really attracted me to X7. I missed out on it and ended up with a custom built X7. Then, as soon as I heard about the G82 M4 Kith edition from Kith and its owner Ronnie Fieg, the Frozen Black official promo pic immediately grabbed my eyes so I told myself I had to own one!

It is also appealing to me since it is the first time BMW collaborates with an actual American sneaker/streetwear icon that everyone in my generation is aware of and invested into – Kith. The streetwear brand is rooted in every young generation hypebeast’s heart and soul, just like Virgil Abloh with Off-White.

Kith is a brand that starts a new wave of hype on streetwear fashion and collaborations beyond the fashion industry. If you check out @ronniefieg on Instagram, it is easy to find out Kith built tennis court, basketball court, board games, and whatever else you can think about in the athletic world, Kith is digging into it. And now, motorsports and hence BMW ///M.

Without any further info on the collab, I woke up on release day on October 23, 2020, hit Kith website at 11 AM just like I’m used to on any other Kith releases, clicked on the M4 icon, got navigated to the BMW pre-order site, took my time to wait on the jammed BMW site to go through all the necessary steps and pages… and I lucked out!

All 150 units sold out in less than 30 minutes!

How Does The Car Stand Out Among Other M4s?

Photos provided by @ khantrarystudios and @kxth_m4 on Instagram

From the beginning, I like the design the most – it is truly a piece of art. Let’s start with the BMW x Kith 10 year anniversary roundel/emblem. It is the first time BMW has altered the roundel for over a century and first time for collaboration purposes. It is special and one of a kind in the middle of the front of the car – an eye catching and iconic signature of the collaboration.

Next is the Frozen Black paint. It is one of my dream paints and it hits what I needed. It’s BMW Individual with a special individual tag under the engine hood. It is again one of a kind – the paint reflects whatever light shining on it, with a subtle matte hue – amazing, impressive and astonishing.

Moving inside and you will soon be wowed by the M tri-color interior and carbon bucket seats. In my opinion, the color combination tops any other color combo BMW has to offer. The black, red and blue are classic and iconic. The interior colorway is amazing and the attention to details is shown even on the seat belt strap stitching.

Of course, then there is the Merino leather quality with Kith prints. In addition to the stunning color combo, the leather material, craftsmanship and quality are impressive. I heard it’s all hand-made and therefore the Kith prints on the headrest are different and unique on every single car. This is also reflected in other Kith branded items: material and craftsmanship always win my heart in addition to the design details.

Branding and the roof logo. Naturally, some purists looked down on this collaboration and often mentioned the overuse of logos. However, I would argue that there is a well-balanced distribution of BMW M branding and Kith branding throughout the car. It is not overwhelming at all in person, and everyone who’s seen my car barely noticed the giant Kith roof logo hidden under the gloss surface of the carbon roof. It is subtle, low key, and surprising when people find out.

The rest of the car doesn’t get filled with Kith branding either so I went ahead and installed a Kith license plate frame myself to make it shine even more than original.

Now it’s time to address the elephant in the room. The design of the new G80 and G82 family. I am a younger generation of BMW fans. I get excited about new creations and collaborations coming out all the time. I look forward to getting hands on anything new in general. My BMW X7 is a new model and I absolutely love that BMW came up with the new G8X generation which is revolutionary in many fronts.

Equally Exciting As A Daily Driver

Photos provided by @ efeabugo and @kxth_m4 on Instagram

Let me start off with this: The new BMW M4 drives amazing! It’s my first sports car and although I am not experienced at all, I have seen enough reviews and Youtube videos test driving and drag racing in the new M3 and M4. I have to say everything is exactly as described from other professional car geek reviews.

I see this BMW M4 as both a daily and a sports car. Fuel efficiency is good among its peers: around 19-20 mpg for the 1,700 miles I’ve driven so far. Steering and handling are worthy of the M badge and the six-cylinder S58 pumps enough horsepower to keep me busy. With M xDrive, speeding up from 0 mph is impressive and flooring the gas pedal at any rpm is equally impressive.

The cold season just arrived, so even though I still use summer tires, with MxDrive, the M4 x Kith slips a little bit when going fast while the tires never seem to warm up, but I would say it’s better than RWD or previous generation. Of course, a set of winter tires will change the game completely.

The M4’s looks are polarizing, but so far, the feedback I received follows this pattern: 80 percent love it, 10 percent are indifferent while the rest simply hate it. People generally start to get used to G8X generation when they see them in real life, although the cars are still rare in most areas.

However, people LOVE my Kith M4 when they see it in person and check out the impressive details around this car. No real person I’ve talked to in real life has explicitly hated on it. Of course, the story is different online where opinions can be harsher and from a varied demographic. But for me, this M4 is the piece that connects the old to the new, as well as the classic to the hyped.

A Collector Item For Me

Photos provided by @ efeabugo and @kxth_m4 on Instagram

I would like to keep my Kith x BMW M4 in stock form and as low mileage as possible because, to me, is a collector item. I am in a major supercar club in the DMV area and I always show up to car meets, rallies, and charity events to meet new friends with common passion. It is a car that people have only seen on the Internet and people love to see it in person more.

Hence, I also try my best to create as much content as possible on my Instagram @kxth_m4 and Tiktok @kith_m4 pages as possible to allow people who appreciate it appreciate it more.

Photographers love it. Videographers love it. Supercar fans also love it because it is unexpected, versus Lamborghinis and Ferrari are always expected. Sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts love it too. I have been invited to display my car at a major sneakers/streetwear convention in the DMV area and I would love to do so since it is the first hypebeast car and the first car that connects people with several areas of passions on art/design/fashion together.