A keen-eyed Redditor recently posted some spy photos of the new BMW XM, showing off some of its interior. But we’re not done looking at XM spy photos today, as some more popped up showing off some of its exterior design more closely than we’ve seen so far. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In this new set of photos, you can see a fully camouflaged XM but the shots are close enough that some of its details are visible even through the camo. For instance, you can see the new kidney grilles, with horizontal grille slats, just like the M3. Also like the M3, there are hood bulges that correspond with the shape of the grilles.

There are also a few details in its flanks that are now noticeable through the camo. Its rear wheel arches are nicely flared, with some muscularity, but it completely lacks a proper Hofmeister Kink, which is hugely disappointing. Its overall silhouette isn’t bad looking but there’s a weird choppiness to its angles that just seem a bit off. It’s almost like BMW’s designers were influenced by the Cybertruck but then decided to go in a different direction without scrapping their original plans.

Out back, quad stacked exhausts debut for the first time on a BMW and, of course, they aren’t round. Instead, they’re shaped like squished hexagons and look oddly small compared to the heft of the XM. I get that BMW M is trying to make the XM stand out from all other BMW models, as it’s an M-exclusive car, not based on any preexisting Bimmer. However, its like BMW’s designers just tried to make every single aspect of the XM different for the sake of being different and I’m not sure it’s totally worked.

Dynamically, the BMW XM is going to be a monster. Its top-end version is going to pack a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 with a hybrid powertrain, making around 750 horsepower. It’s also going to be the best handling BMW SUV, when it finally debuts. Hopefully its drive can overcome its looks.

[Source: Motor1]