A car meet is like a rolling museum as you get to see models spanning decades of history while on the go. Some are rarer than others and owners usually drive them only when such an occasion pops up. The BMW Power Day 2022 took place recently in Bielefeld, Germany and served as the venue for a wonderful mélange of classic and modern vehicles.

While the adjacent video starts off with a V8-powered 3 Series E30, it gets even more interesting later on. We get to see a rare Z1 in mint condition. The tiny roadster marked the beginning of the Z line and with only 8,000 units ever made, it goes without saying that seeing one doesn’t happen very often. Its modern-day equivalent, the Z4 G29, also makes an appearance later on.

The other highlight of the video is a car that couldn’t be any more different than the Z1. It’s a 7 Series from the E32 era riding on ALPINA wheels and generously stretched for limo purposes. It seems to be a wedding car judging by the “just married” flags and features face-to-face individual seats separated by a long center console with a champagne bottle and four accompanying flutes.

Other notable mentions include the iconic M1 finished in the striking Inka Orange color, the timeless E9, and an ALPINA B3 2.7 Convertible from the E30 era, complete with the period-correct wheels and the pinstripe that defined the 1980s. You’ll also notice an original 8 Series E31 and just about any other BMW you can think of, including some of the more recent models like an M3 CS.

While it’s virtually impossible to pick a favorite, it would probably come down to either the E9 or M1. SUVs were few and far between that day as the meet was mostly about sedans, coupes, and a few convertibles here and there. Speaking of body styles, the oddball Z3 “clown shoe” can be seen as well.

Source: TestLife / YouTube