The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience tour is making a stop next week in Chicago. Therefore, Chicagoland BMW Centers will host you at the Autobahn Country Club on August 25-27. Aside from getting a free track day with the latest BMW M products (you can sign up here for free), the dealers are also giving you the opportunity to drive the latest BMW electric cars.

The BMW i4 and iX models are sold out around the country, so getting a hold of a test car might be harder than ever. But this is where the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience comes in handy. Not only you can experience the BMW iX crossover on via local roads, but you can also show off your autocross skills aboard the BMW i4 M50.

As with most autocross events, the course is small, tight, and technical and requires precision steering and on-point braking for success. The car you can use in the Autocross event comes with 536 horsepower. So that will be a lot of fun to toss around. Additionally, autocross events are timed and they can get pretty competitive.

Furthermore, you should also connect with BMW representatives to learn more about their electric vehicles and how they could fit in your normal daily life. You can learn more their driving range, charging capabilities, and much more. When it comes to the iX, you can take the electric crossover for a street test to see how it handles in normal driving scenarios. It’s also a chance for you to see whether the car is spacious enough for a family, or if it provides enough cargo space.

And as a bonus, feel free to ask BMW how the to fill the windshield fluid in the iX, or how to automatically wash the rear-view camera. Your kids and friends will love those features. To sign up today, click this link.