BMW is currently working on its next-generation X3, a car that will be surprisingly important for the brand’s future. Not only will the next-gen X3 be built on BMW’s newest version of the CLAR architecture but it will have an all-electric variant based on the Neue Klasse chassis. Since both cars will share a similar design, these new spy photos are interesting. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In these new photos, we see an X3 that looks leaner and sportier than the current car. While I can’t say for certain without having it back-to-back with the current X3, this new one seems to have a sleeker roofline with shorter windows. That gives a more aggressive look than before, although it might not be as practical, due to the reduced visibility.

BMW X3 Render |


It’s impossible to see what the back end looks like, as it’s completely wrapped in camouflage. However, up front, we can see new kidney grilles that are pointier and sharper than the current X3’s. Thankfully, though, they aren’t the new large style kidneys you’ll find on the 4 Series and X7. Interestingly, it also gets headlights that look more similar to the 2 Series than anything else.

So far, the BMW X3 looks like it should be a sporty looking SUV, with a sleek design and sensibly-sized kidney grilles. It will be interesting to see what it looks like without its camouflaged wrapping. If it will also be interesting to see what sort of interior it has and if it distinguishes itself from the rest of BMW’s lineup. The BMW X1 did a great job of doing just that, as its cabin is quite a bit different from every other Bimmer. If the X3 can do the same, it should be a big hit with customers.

[Source: Auto Express]