The BMW M4 CSL just went into production, isn’t even on sale yet and one of them just had a road incident. BMW only committed to making 1,000 units, which makes crashing one pretty devasting. At the moment, it’s unclear whether the car is fixable but it sure doesn’t look good. The image was available on Instagram at some point today. The incident seems to have happened in the UK, and from what we gathered, it belongs to BMW. While on public roads, the initial report was that another car ran into the rear-end of the M4 CSL. Though, it’s unclear which car was at fault in the crash. However, the important part is that, as far as we know, no one was injured.

In the photo, the BMW M4 CSL could be seen missing an entire rear bumper, its driver’s side (UK) rear wheel is in the wrong place, along with that seems to be its entire wheel carrier (you can sorta see the brake rotor through the wheel spokes). The airbags also deployed, so if the car is fixable, it’s going to cost a fortune.

With only 1,000 units planned, it’s unclear what BMW is going to do with this car. Will it just be written off, leaving 999 units left for customers? Will BMW just fix this one if possible? Or does BMW just scrap this car and build another one, to fill that 1,000 unit allocation? As of right now, we’ve reached out to BMW but don’t have any confirmation either way.

It’s always tough to see a rare, limited, special car like the BMW M4 CSL get smashed like this. It will be interesting to see what BMW does with this car and if it’s replaced or not. Recently, a Lucid Air Dream Edition caught fire and was completely destroyed but Lucid didn’t replace it. There’s just one less Dream Edition to be had now. So we’ll have to see which route BMW takes with this damaged M4 CSL. Though, all that matters is that no one was hurt.