If you’re a BMW enthusiast – and you probably are judging by our website preferences – you’re well aware that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the M division. BMW has gone to great lengths to celebrate the milestone, including a new CSL model and the first-ever M3 Touring. In addition, the US market got an M3 50 Jahre Edition with an assortment of tweaks, which are mirrored globally on an equivalent M4. The coupe is limited to 700 cars in Europe, and only 20 are coming to Spain.

Shown here in Imola Red, the M4 Coupe 50 Jahre Edition can also be had in San Marino Blue, Brands Hatch Gray, Macao Blue, or Carbon Black. Regardless of paint choice, the 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels are finished in either Orbit Gray or Gold Bronze, with both featuring a matte look. BMW Spain sells it with the carbon front bucket seats as standard, along with black Merino Leather upholstery with commemorative embroidery.

The electronic top speed limiter is loosened up to 180 mph (290 km/h) and there’s a special “M4 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” plaque mounted on the center console. It’s worth mentioning the special version does not represent a fixed configuration as BMW says the car is still compatible with most of the packages and options available when you configure a regular M4.

The M4 50 Jahre Edition is offered exclusively with an automatic transmission since it’s sold only as a Competition model. In rear-wheel-drive guise, it starts at €143,997 while the xDrive model retails from €146,604. The RWD version will be the more exclusive of the two as just eight units will be offered, with the remaining 12 being the equivalent AWD model.

For reference, the M4 Coupe Competition carries a starting price of €119,450 in Spain, followed by the M4 Competition M xDrive Coupe at €124,050. As for the CSL we mentioned earlier, it costs an eye-watering €209,963.

Source: BMW Spain