Joe Achilles decided to channel his inner Max Verstappen and take on the Red Bull Ring, the Formula 1 circuit home to team Red Bull. Except, instead of an F1 car, he was driving a BMW M4 Competition. But that wasn’t all he got to drive. It’s not everyday you get to drive a genuine F1 circuit and Achilles certainly made the best of it.

His first event of the day was to drive the aforementioned M4 Competition, while following behind an instructor in an M3 Competition. However, that’s pretty typical lead/follow stuff you get at these sort of M Track Experiences. After that, Achilles had the chance to do some truly special things, such as drive an M4 GT4 race car.

With his full racing suit on, he was given instructions on how to use the M4 GT4 and then was sent out onto an F1 circuit to give it his best shot. It looked incredibly exciting, as few people get to really understand what it’s like to drive a race car, with their incredible brakes and slick tires. The M4 GT4 is actually slower down the straights than the road car, due to having less power to meet GT4 regulations. However, the GT4 is faster around the track overall because of how much later it can brake and how much more speed it can hold through corners.

After that, Achilles got a ride in the GT4 with BMW racing legend Timo Glock behind the wheel and it looked like a blast. Obviously, Glock is an expert behind the wheel and was looked so casual as he drove the nuts off the M4 GT4. He even pulled a bit of a drift toward the end.

Speaking of drift, Achilles then got a ride along with the Red Bull Drift Brothers, who have two custom designed drift-spec M4s and put on a helluva show. Riding shotgun in one of those cars looked like one of the most fun things I’ve ever seen. BMW hosts many track experiences like this around the world. They’re scattered all over Europe, the U.S., and Canada. If you have the chance, they’re well worth experiencing and this video is proof.