BMW has pledged to give the M3 Touring the full gamut of customizations available for the M3 Sedan, except for the carbon fiber roof. That means deep-pocketed enthusiasts can pick from a wide variety of extras, including a comprehensive color palette and a vast array of M Performance Parts. Case in point, here’s the G81 like you’ve never seen it before.

Dressed in the Riviera Blue uni paint with the gold wheels and vintage Motorsport emblems, the long-roof M3 looks quite fetching. It also happens to have a plethora of carbon fiber add-ons, although we could honestly do without the canards affixed to the front bumper. The center-mounted quad exhaust tips are also quite controversial, but they seem to work better on the Touring’s more imposing rear end.

The car’s overall appearance is certainly a lot to take in, with red brake calipers, exposed carbon fiber parts, glossy black roof and rear spoiler, M-branded valve caps, and orange leather upholstery. It’s certainly one of the more expensive builds, complete with an “M Performance” badge on the passenger side of the dashboard while the armrest is adorned by an M label with color-coordinated stitching.

A far more subdued M3 Touring was shown at the end of last month with a pre-production car finished in Individual Frozen Black. It didn’t have the extra M Performance bits, thus it did away with the look-at-me exhaust and the extra carbon fiber pieces. It sat on the standard dark wheels and featured an all-black interior with the optional carbon bucket seats.

Regardless of how you spec the belated AMG C63 Estate rival, all come in the Competition flavor with xDrive and an automatic transmission. BMW is keeping things simple in that regard, but you’ll be spending a lot of time configuring the M3 Touring given the sheer amount of colors and options. Following its debut last month at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the long-awaited fast wagon will enter production in November.

Source: BMW