Mini is already on its way to becoming a fully-electric automaker by 2030. That’s the goal that’s been set by the bosses at BMW Group, a goal shared by Rolls-Royce as well. The first all-electric Mini to kick-off that race to full electrification will be the upcoming Mini hatchback and it’s been spotted completely uncamouflaged in some new photos. (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

In these new photos, you can see the next-gen electric Mini in its entirety and its design is certainly familiar—it is a Mini, after all—it’s fresh enough that Mini customers will won’t feel cheated after waiting so long for this new model. Up front, it gets big, round, puppy dog-eye headlights, a large grille surround, and a big body-colored panel where the grille normally would be. Out back, new triangular taillights point inward and are connected by a wide black piece of trim. It’s unclear if that trim will be a lightbar, because the photos were taken during the day.

The pillars are also quite vertical, creating a steep roofline and tall glass, like a proper Mini should have. It also shows that the test mule in these photos is a Mini Cooper S, which will be a sportier model. That also means there will be different versions of the electric Mini, with different levels of power.

Inside, the new Mini will get a BMW-like steering wheel but, more importantly, will return to using a central gauge cluster. Except this time, it’s a massive, entirely digital, circular screen with an ultra thin bezel. It also gets Mini’s typical, and pretty lame, pop-up head-up display screen, which doesn’t look very premium.

When the new Mini electric debuts, it will be the first new Mini hatch in almost a decade, while also being the first in a long line of electric vehicles based on this new platform. Hopefully, it brings the classic go-kart feel we know and love.

[Source: Auto Express]