If you told me yesterday that the E65 7 Series was a BMW that I needed to drive, I would have laughed in your face. There were few redeeming qualities about the E65–it was ugly, its interior was a complicated mess, and it was the least reliable BMW in history. I’ve seen BMW executives wince when the subject of the E65 arises. However, at least according to this new video from Tedward, it’s actually surprisingly good to drive.

The car he drives in this video is the BMW 745Li, the long-wheelbase, naturally aspirated V8-powered version of the E65. Admittedly, that’s probably the best version of the E65, as its engine is exciting to use (when it works) and its back seat is large enough to let passengers stretch out and nap, where they can dream about buying a reliable Lexus instead.

Once on the move, though, it seems the E65 7 Series is actually quite the luxury car. It seems to have a really well sorted suspension, with the right balance of comfort and handling, and an engine that pulls hard and makes a great noise. It also seemingly has good steering, that’s light, communicative, and direct. Sure, the steering wheel is heinous to look at, and its shift buttons are unintuitive to use, but at least the steering itself is good.

Is the E65 7 Series a BMW anyone needs to drive? I would say as long as it isn’t yours, yes. It seems like it’s probably a fun luxury sedan to drive for a day. However, its repair bills are nightmarish and it might be difficult to look at it everyday in the driveway, as it might frighten the children. So, in a way, the E65 is like a boat–you don’t want to own one, you want to know someone that owns one.