It’s nigh impossible to find a good deal on a used car, at the moment. The car market has exploded, making used cars obscenely expensive, to the point where even cars that were previously worthless are now worth thousands and thousands of dollars. However, there are still a few cars you can find on the cheap, if you look hard enough. In this new video from Auto Alex, we get to see his two old BMWs, which he got for next to nothing but are still pretty great.

The first car Alex talks about is his E53 BMW X5, the first-ever generation of X5. It’s a great looking example, painted in Siena Red, with a tan interior, and it looks to be in very good shape on the outside, especially considering it had been in quite a bad crash. Obviously, it has its issue, but it mostly works well and the interior has held up nicely. Speaking of interior, Alex’s X5 has a mother-flipping manual gearbox (!), something that seems flat-out alien today.

His other car in this video is an E46 BMW 3 Series Touring. But it’s not just any BMW 3 Series Touring–it’s a one-of-one car in the UK that was painted from the factory in Techno Violet, with a BMW Individual interior color that’s like a very light brown/tan. It’s an interesting color combo but how does anyone not love a Techno Violet BMW 3 Series Touring? The car is gorgeous, except for the rust, and it looks like it’s a blast to drive.

Alex bought both of his cars for incredibly cheap and has a very cool two-car BMW garage that only cost around £5,000 total. That’s pretty incredible, considering he as two cars that both look great and are fun to drive. Sure, they’re old BMWs and will be absolute pains in the ass over the next few years, if they even last that long, but they’re going to be great fun to own and drive while they’re behaving. If you want some cheap BMWs, even outside the UK, these two might be your last bests in this crazy market.