I usually won’t write about auction cars that already sold, unless they sold for an obnoxious, newsworthy amount of money. However, I’m making an exception in this case because I can’t believe it even existed in the first place. Someone actually decided to buy a 2017 BMW 535i Gran Turismo, one of the most forgotten cars in BMW’s history, and give it a Stage 1 Dinan tune. Why would anyone do that? I’m struggling to find an answer, which is why I thought I’d turn to you readers. Would you want this Dinan-tuned BMW 535i Gran Turismo?

First, let’s start with what the 5 Series Gran Turismo was. Essentially, it was a long-wheelbase 5 Series with a practical humpback trunk. To put it lightly, it was rough on the eyes, and was pretty heavily criticized for its exterior styling back when it was new. In its defense, though, it was actually a good car. Its cabin was nice, its suspension was comfy, and it made for an excellent grand touring car, hence the name. But it was never, ever and enthusiast’s car.

Until some enthusiast decided to slap a Dinan tune on it, bumping its 3.0-liter turbocharged “N55” engine’s output from 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft to 345 horsepower and 379 lb-ft. It was paired with an eight-speed automatic from ZF and power all four wheels. But, even with that admittedly healthy power gain, it likely wasn’t much faster or significantly more fun to drive.

The only other modifications are minor. It has tinted windows, hardwired radar detector, and its wood trim was painted silver at some point, to make it look like aluminum trim. While aluminum trim looks good in the car, the painted trim doesn’t look great.

To be fair to the BMW 535i Gran Turismo, this one looks pretty good, with its roof racks, and it makes pretty decent power. But it’s still a big, frumpy looking oaf of a car and I’m not sure how many enthusiasts would want it. Apparently one did, as it sold for $25,500. But I leave it to you, which you want such a car?

[Source: Cars and Bids]