Teaser fatigue? We’d normally say yes, but when a new CSL is involved, BMW is fully entitled to hype up the car’s debut as much as possible. Arriving on Friday, the M4 Coupe Sport Lightweight reveals more of its juicy details as the latest official preview takes us inside the cabin. Gone are the light-up stripes and “M4” logo as the seats now proudly carry the “CSL” lettering.

Fancy badge aside, it’s the seat we’re anxious to see since it appears to have a carbon fiber shell with exposed rivets to highlight the car’s extensive diet. BMW M officials have hinted the CSL will drop around 100 kilograms (220 pounds) compared to the rear-wheel-drive M4 Competition. Part of the diet will be accomplished by installing these lightweight front seats while removing the rear ones altogether. Yes, much like the M4 GTS from the F82 era, the new CSL will be a two-seat affair.

As with most teasers released so far, we keep seeing red accents. Not only is the badge illuminated in red, but the stitching on the body-hugging seats has the same hue for a contrasting effect. Although not visible here, the back of the shift paddles and an embroidered “M4 CSL” on the center console will have a red finish as well.

The RWD-only hardcore coupe will continue the red theme on the outside where a stripe will run alongside the entire profile, including the bottom of the doors. To the dismay of enthusiasts, BMW has been quite generous in recent years as far as badging, so don’t be too surprised if we’ll be seeing a lot of CSL logos inside and out. Even without them, the ducktail spoiler will let everyone know the coupe will be the M3 E46 CSL’s spiritual successor.

As previously reported, the third-ever CSL will allegedly have around 550 horsepower and a limited production run of just 1,000 units. It won’t be the only track-focused M4 derivative coming this year as the 3.0 CSL is said to return with 600 hp and an exterior design influenced by the stunning 2015 3.0 CSL Hommage concept.

Source: BMW M / Instagram